What We Do

Mustang Srl is a shoemaking company situated in the Lower Valdarno area, specifically in the Municipality of Fucecchio, in one of the centres of excellence for Tuscan shoe production.
With its building of over 4,000 sqm, divided into two different main areas: one is dedicated to production, modelling and offices, and the other one is dedicated to the warehouse, storage, shunting and conservation of raw materials and semi-finished goods, Mustang Srl has proven to be one of the most reliable and important businesses in the Florentine province with around 40 employees.

The materials used to make the footwear are hide and fabric, in a combination of class and elegance. All the hides, materials and components used in the production process come from Italy. Attention to detail is what makes our footwear stand out: the stitching between the leather and the sole, the shoe upper assembled by hand, and the waxes that give the leather a natural finish.
Each season we update our products with new shapes, materials, colours and accessories, allowing us to successfully satisfy our customers’ demands.
Collections with a focus on design and comfort, which over time have won over significant shares of the Italian and overseas market.